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Your Digital and Startup experts.

A team of finance and business professionals with proven experience supporting large companies and SMEs

Our services

In addition to the services offered traditionally by accountants, we offer a wide range of strategic services for innovation

We offer consulting services for the development of young startups aimed at guiding them among the intricacies and opportunities of the Italian bureaucracy. We help them to grow and develop in the best way.
We follow LARGE CONSOLIDATED COMPANIES and small and medium-sized companies in the process of digitizing their business by offering a financial and fiscal strategy to support innovation in order to make it efficient for growth.

Some of our most innovative clients

In an increasingly competitive and selective market, the ability to innovate and seize opportunities not only in production processes but also in administrative, structural, strategic and financial ones becomes fundamental.
We follow the innovation of the large CONSOLIDATED COMPANIES operating in traditional fields such as real estate, industrial, financial and family holding companies and many STARTUPs, INNOVATIVE SMEs and LARGE COMPANIES stronlgy digitized.


HAll companies that carry out research and development investments regardless of company size, legal form, sector of activity and accounting regime adopted are entitled to the recognition of an R&D tax credit.
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The joint-stock company, also in the form of a cooperative company, can become an “Innovative Start-up”, whose exclusive or predominant purpose is the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value. In order to qualify as an “Innovative Startup”, a company must have a series of requirements that are not only formal but also substantial. To benefit from the advantages granted to them by the facilitation regime, innovative startups must be registered in the special section of the Business Register reserved for innovative startups. To become an innovative startup, it is therefore necessary to submit a specific application to the Business Register, attaching a declaration stating the requirements. The Conti Grilli studio will assist you in the assessment of the requirements, in the presentation of the application and will help your companies to seize all the opportunities and to benefit from all the advantages that the facilitation scheme reserves for innovative startups.

A developer who intends to implement mobile applications in a professional manner must make a series of choices and provide for some initial administrative and tax compliance.
Among the initial requirements:

For those who invest in innovative startups, tax benefits are available for investments that are maintained for at least a three-year period, either directly in the share capital or through UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment of Savings) or other capital companies that invest mainly in capital of Innovative Start-Up.

  • Individuals: a deduction from gross personal income tax of 30% of the sum invested in Start-Up Innovative is foreseen up to a maximum investment of one million euros per year;
  • Legal persons: a deduction from the IRES taxable amount of 30% of the investment made in Innovative Start-Up is envisaged up to a maximum annual invested amount of 1.88 million euros.

The Conti Grilli studio offers assistance to both investors to evaluate the most convenient tax mode of their investment and to innovative startups for all mandatory reporting requirements and to make the investment more attractive, thanks to the facilitation.

Taxation in Italy is actually very high. However, careful tax planning makes it possible to reduce it and make the most of the various existing incentives (flat-rate scheme, innovative startup subsidies, tax credits, patent boxes, super-amortization, pex, etc.).

The remuneration of the accountant varies according to the activities assigned to him. The compensation will, of course, be greater if, for example, he is also given the task of keeping the accounts, preparing the business plan, making various financial statements during the year, etc. We agree easy rates for newly established companies and innovative startups. The study is among the suppliers accredited by the Lombardy Region.

Studio Conti Grilli has many years of experience in all business sectors. Strongly specialized in digital, ecommerce, mobile app, etc. is able to offer a 360-degree consultancy to new innovative companies and large companies that want to innovate.

No, the customer can withdraw by written communication whenever he wants, without notice.

IIn addition to the normal obligations relating to the establishment of a company, there is the obligation to communicate SCIA, within 30 days from the beginning of the activity, and the opening of the INPS social security position. Depending on the subject of the activity there may be other obligations to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Yes, by selling abroad there are different and specific obligations based on the subjects who buy and the products sold and the states involved. There are cases in which it is permissible not to issue any sales certification document.

Yes, SRL can be set up with share capital of even € 1. The payment to the Share Capital is in no way bound and blocked but it can be freely used immediately to pay the first costs of the company.

On average it takes 7 days

In case of obligation to register with INPS traders, it is necessary to pay on the basis of the accrued profits with a minimum annual amount of about € 3800.