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We provide all-round advice and assistance, offering both services of a traditional accountant and strategic services for innovation. We support large and medium-sized companies with consolidated business as well as young entrepreneurs who want to develop a new business idea. We act as a reference point to coordinate and gather different colleagues or professionals from other categories in order to provide our customers with the best solutions to address future challenges.

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The Firm provides tax assistance on all aspects of taxation related to direct, indirect and substitute taxation of companies, sole proprietorships, bodies and associations. Tax returns will be drafted with accuracy, competence and in compliance with current legislation. We will take advantage of the possibilities offered by the application of tax legislation, provide interpretative opinions for the application of the rules and set up an optimal tax planning in order to maximize the benefits of our customers.
We offer a service of continuous advice and assistance to customers that is not limited to the annual declaration. The Firm constantly updates its clients through newsletters on news, facilities and opportunities.
The assistance also includes communications relating to new requirements, withholding taxes for intermediaries in short leases, temporary leases and for the web tax.

The Firm provides assistance both in the establishment and in the ordinary and extraordinary activities.

We assist clients in setting up new companies by offering a prior analysis of the choice of the most suitable corporate vehicle for their business needs; in the establishment and modification of social regulations; with shareholder agreements; with corporate contracts; in complying with necessary corporate action (BoD and meetings) and in relations between shareholders, between shareholders and the company, between the company and corporate bodies; in corporate negotiations; in capitalisation operations; in planning and managing generational transfers; in setting up deeds of sale of company shares; with contracts for the sale of company shares and for the sale and acquisition of companies and shareholdings; in extraordinary operations: restructuring, corporate reorganizations, liquidations, contributions, mergers (M&A), transformations, divisions, company rentals; with capital transactions (increases, decreases, etc.); in issued bonds.
We act as auditor, administrator and liquidator. We handle the maintenance and writing of corporate books.

The Firm offers a specialized service that supports the taxpayer in cases of tax pre-litigation and litigation

In the initial phase of the litigation activity we provide assistance to the taxpayer during the tax audit by the relevant offices and/or the Guardia di Finanza (Italian financial police) and support the use of administrative measures to prevent the occurrence of any dispute such as the institution of self-protection and assessment with adhesion.

The taxpayer is given legal assistance before the Regional and Provincial Commissions in the event of a dispute through:

  • Drafting of appeals;
  • Defensive rebuttal arguments;;
  • Requests for suspension of tax collection;
  • Representation at trial.

We provide innovative SMEs and startu-ups and start-ups with our many years of experience in corporate, accounting, tax and strategic consulting in the digital world, in e-commerce, in internet-related businesses and in the mobile market.

The Firm guides its clients through all aspects of their business - from the establishment and choice of the most convenient legal form for their business to the verification of the requirements for establishing themselves or enrolling in the Register of Companies as Innovative Startups. We act as a single trusted partner and relevant reference point for the start up and growth of your business.

We support our clients in their contracts as well as in the analysis of the criticality and strength of their business; we provide assistance in planning and executing investment rounds, in verifying whether crowdfunding can be the right financial instrument for our clients’ needs and in assessing prospective cash flows; in the protection of intellectual property; in monitoring opportunities for access to public funds and in setting up presentations for fundraising.

We offer full support and advice to developers of smartphone applications Apple developer, Android developer, Windows Phone) and forums, blogs, websites and web platforms. One of the partners of the Firm is Dr. Dario Grilli, author of the book “App Mobile: Regimi fiscali, Aspetti contabili, profili giuridici” (“App Mobile: Tax regimes, accounting aspects, legal profiles”) published by Maggioli Editore

The Firm provides assistance on the economic and business, tax and corporate aspects related to extraordinary operations such as corporate transformations and reorganizations, mergers, divisions, contributions, liquidations.

We offer accounting and tax due diligence services we assist our clients by investigating, exploring and analyzing data and information relating to the subject of any negotiation in order to offer our clients the most complete assessment of the convenience and opportunity of an operation and the identification of the risks associated with it.

We assist our clients both in negotiating contract terms and providing suitable guarantee, compensation or redress instruments.